JungHoon Lee(L) : Applied Scientist Intern – Machine Learning& Data Science

Sehyun Lee(SH) : Applied Scientist Intern – Machine Learning& Data Science

Jihyung Ko(K) : Applied Scientist Intern – Computer Vision& Image Processing

Jaehyeok Bae(B) : Applied Scientist Intern – Computer Vision& Image Processing

Yooha Bae(YH) : Software Engineer Intern

1. Please introduce yourself.

L : Hello, I'm JungHoon Lee, and I worked as an Applied Scientist Intern at Gauss Labs. Currently, I am majoring in computer science and economics at Seoul National University in the Department of Liberal Studies. I am very interested in machine learning, data analysis, and data engineering. It was a great honor to participate in the first Gauss Labs GlobalInternship over the past nine months. With my experience at Gauss Labs, I wish to continue to grow in this field.

SH : I am SeHyun from the global internship at Gauss Labs. Not long ago, I was a graduate student doing research as usual in the lab. I mainly conduct research using time series data using machine learning and deep learning.

K : Hello, my name is JiHyung Ko and I participated in the first CVIP internship at Gauss Labs. I am majoring in computer engineering at Seoul National University, and I am interested in the job title of AI engineer.

B : Hello, my name is JaeHyeok Bae; I worked as a Computer Vision Applied Scientist Intern at Gauss Labs for eight months. As an undergraduate student in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Seoul National University, I took some time off and made unforgettable memories while working at Gauss Labs after graduating until the4th year.

YH : My name is YooHa BAE, a Software Engineer Intern from the first Gauss Labs Global Internship.

2. How did you get to know about Gauss Labs' Global Internship and why did you apply?

L : While thinking about what to do during winter break in 2021, I came across the announcement of the Gauss Labs GlobalInternship on the school website by chance, and I was fascinated by the work and its unique work type (part and full-time combined work, work at theSeoul×Silicon Valley office), as well as the topic of industrial AI, so I applied. Above all, when I saw the people working at Gauss Labs on the company website, I strongly desired to work and grow with them.

K : I found out that they were recruiting interns after reading the notice posted on the university website. I was looking for an intern for a CV-related job, and I knew that the field related to smart factories was promising, so I was interested. In addition, I applied because I was curious about how AI startups related to this are actually working and wanted to contribute.

SH : While living a busy life like other graduate students, I found out about Gauss Labs' global internship through an email from the university. I applied because I thought it would be a good opportunity to see how the technologies in the field I'm researching are actually being used practically in industrial settings. I also found it attractive to have the opportunity to work in Silicon Valley in the future.

3. What was the interview and hiring process like at Gauss Labs?

L : The overall impression I received was that the company was looking for colleagues who could define and solve problems actively, rather than those who were just good at what they did. Also, the company tried to bring out the full potential of applicants throughout the hiring process, including document screening, phone interviews, and video interviews. In particular, I talked with a person who was to be my mentor once the internship began, and we discussed for a long time regarding what the current project was about, what the problems were, how to solve them, etc. and it made me want to work with these people in this company.

4. How did you feel about working at GaussLabs? Was there anything different from the impression you had before?

L : I thought Gauss Labs was more like an organization that mainly researched rather than launched SaaS because of the impression I got from the name “Gauss Labs” and most of the members were applied scientists when I applied for the internship with a master’s degree or higher. However, after doing the actual work and getting to know about the company strategies and the visions of the executives and employees, I realized that developing products that would change the world at Gauss Labs was as important as research. Thanks to that, I grew a lot in terms of development with the help of great developers during my internship.

SH : I think it can be expressed as a systematic organization with strong manpower. The PMO organization and the R&D organization are separated, providing an environment where they can work efficiently and clearly presenting goals and strategies, giving the impression that it is a systematic organization. In addition, I felt that I was working with talented people who have worked for leading domestic and foreign companies.

B : I was able to work in a much more liberal atmosphere at Gauss Labs than I had expected. I felt that there was a culture set in a place where studying something I’d like to research and improving my skills through interaction with Gauss Labs members (Gaussians) rather than just doing the practical work.

5. What did you do at Gauss Labs?

L : I've been working on a Virtual Metrology(VM) project, improving the model speed, analyzing model performance, designing data preprocessing pipelines, etc., inside and outside of VM models to make a solution called VM faster, more flexible, and more accurate. I worked on a software project in the US office that created Gauss Labs' independent product development and experimentation environment. Comparing the two offices, I worked on relatively ML-like tasks in the Seoul office, and the US, I mainly worked on SW-like tasks.

SH : As part of Statistical Process Control(SPC), I worked as part of the RCA team providing analysis of alarms or abnormal events occurring during the process. I was in charge of improving the performance of algorithms for detecting outliers used in products, and also conducted a research project with my mentor.

YH : I contributed to actual product development in various ways, from frontend to backend to devops.

B : I focused on handling and analyzing images of semiconductors. In particular, I mainly focused on researching algorithms that quickly and accurately detected and classified incorrect images.

K : I worked as a junior AI engineer at the Seoul Office, and as a DevOps Engineer at the US office.

6. What was the most impressive part of your time at Gauss Labs?

L : It was my first internship in a company, so everything was new and impressive, but the first thing that comes to mind is the workshop where all the R&D members went in January. As I am very interested in startups, it was a valuable experience for all members of a real startup to discuss, dispute, and revise their goals. Also, it remains a pleasant memory to talk for the first time with the members outside of the company and to listen to various stories as a senior in life beyond a work mentor.

SH : There were many things such as a Happy hour event where everyone could enjoy delicious food, Gaussian orbital culture, and a gym benefit which interns could enjoy, but if I were to choose just one among all these, I’d choose mentorship. It was impressive that I was able to actively interact with the mentor and contribute to the actual service rather than a one-time formal task.

B : I was most impressed with the welfare atGauss Labs. I could focus on work without worrying about other things as I was provided with a spacious and tidy desk, a working environment, a laptop, and a bag so that there was no inconvenience in working. In addition, it was nice to receive welfare benefits in various areas as much as full-time employees, even though I was an intern, such as receiving meal allowances for team members or getting support fees for gym facilities.

YH : At Gauss Labs, I was impressed with both the horizontal culture of startups and the systematic work method of large companies. Also, it was impressive that various programs such as R&D weekly, PS problem solving, and low expectations exist that encourage the development of employees every week, and I actively participated.

7. To Whom would you recommend Gauss Labs' Global Internship?

SH : I recommend it to those who want to experience and contribute to how services are actually created and developed rather than just a toy project. Besides, I recommend it to those who want to take their level to the next level by working with talented people. If you want to advance in your career rather than writing an extra line on your CV, I highly recommend applying for this internship. It's not just a short internship that ends when you feel like you’re finally used to it, but it is more of an eight month journey. It is part-time work hours for those who don't want to miss both their studies and internships. Experience working with top-tier mentors. I hope you enjoy all the opportunities to work in Silicon Valley, the mecca of high technology.

L : I’d recommend the Gauss Labs internship to anyone thinking of a career as an IT developer, AI engineer, or machine learning researcher looking for a clear growth opportunity. This is because there is no reason to refuse the opportunity to take the initiative in defining and solving what you want and receive mentoring from senior business leaders. It is especially recommended if you want to dive into industrial AI with high economic and technological potential in the future.

YH : People who want to contribute to actual product development and want to know what kind of developer they wish to become by trying development in various fields would be good to apply.

B : I believe that Gauss Labs is at the forefront of industrial AI technology. Currently, Gauss Labs is focusing on AI technology applied to the semiconductor manufacturing industry, but it plans to develop technology that can be used in various industries in the future. GaussLabs' Global Internship is recommended for those who want to experience howAI-related knowledge learned at university and graduate school is used in industry.

K : I’d like to recommend it to those questioning whether the field they have decided is right for them before jumping into the field. I vaguely thought that I should get a job related to CV, but while working at Gauss Labs, I found out about a job-related AI engineer, and while handling DevOps, I got to know more about new job categories.


8. What was the most enjoyable or impressive experience in Silicon Valley?

YH : At Palo Alto, I was able to work in a global environment with people of various nationalities and races, and I felt that communication was even more important.

L : I went to a lot of cool places near by over the weekend, but surprisingly, the most enjoyable memories in SiliconValley were the ordinary evenings spent cooking and eating together at the dorm, where the interns stayed, and exchanging jokes. Also, I can't remember exactly, but the time we spent together at the company, being all happy about solving problems that we had been struggling with for a long time and thinking intensely about the direction we should go in the future, was impressive as well.

K : Participating in an offline seminar hosted by Bay K-AI Group and communicating with Koreans working in SiliconValley was memorable. It was impressive to see them talk about each other's jobs and continuously networking.

9. Please define Gauss Labs' GlobalInternship in one sentence and tell us why!

SH : Gauss Labs' global internship is a “cheat code”. Whether it's a technically growing hard skill or a soft skill like problem-solving, it's a cheat code that enables you to grow through experience and you'll have a high chance of obtaining these two. The culture ofGauss Labs has a R&D-friendly culture where you can get support to help you build a successful technical career.

L : Gauss Labs' Global Internship is “the reason why I wanted to travel vaguely”. From some time ago, I just wanted to goon a trip without a destination or plan at all. As my internship is coming to an end, as I look back on my memories of the past nine months, I have come to realize what I was trying to achieve through this vague idea. I wonder if the thought of being challenged with what I already knew, struggling hard to experience new things, and wanting to see myself change in the midst of it was the reason why I wanted to travel vaguely. And at Gauss Labs, I was able to discovera new side of myself, growing in a variety of ways by finding what I like.In that sense, the memories at Gauss Labs will remain as valuable memories and meaningful learning in my life.

K : Gauss Labs' Global Internship is an incubator. It helped a person who is not yet polished but has bright dreams to develop skills and in the process it allowed me to naturally unleash my potential rather than them pushing me away

B : Gauss Labs' Global Internship is like a printing type. It serves as a guideline for printing text, my experience atGauss Labs has helped me shape the direction of my career. Also, just as a sentence is completed by combining various types, Gauss Labs' Global Internship will remain as a valuable experience that will complete the path I will walk.

YH : Gauss Labs' Global Internship is an opportunity to find my dream.