About Us

We revolutionize manufacturing

Founded in August 2020 with two international locations in Silicon Valley, CA, and Seoul, Korea, Gauss Labs is home to Gaussians who are enthusiastic about developing novel industrial AI solutions and software products to make factories more intelligent by leveraging machine-generated data.
Our Purpose
We build technology to transform the industry for positive impact on the world.

Gaussian Core Values

Dare the

We enjoy taking on difficult problems that do not have easy solutions and are fearless in experimenting with new ideas.

Team Up
for growth

We pursue collective learning and growth by collaborating with each other and helping fellow Gaussians to learn new knowledge and skills.

Act with

We proactively seek problems to solve, think beyond assigned tasks, and consider the bigger picture for the whole company.

Go above
and beyond

We are never satisfied with the status quo and constantly discover better solutions moving the world and the industry forward in science and technology.

Gaussian Norms

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Focus on the What and Why

We are professional problem solvers with a result driven attitude. We always get to the bottom of the problem in our quest for solutions. We care the most about what we solve and why we solve it. How to solve it follows naturally. We are not married to a specific dogma, and we try all available approaches imaginable. If none works, we shall invent one.
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Highest Standards

We insist on relentlessly high standards. We continually raise the bar and drive ourselves to deliver highest-quality solutions, products, and platforms. Although Gauss Labs has to find balances and trade-offs in many aspects of its business, we never compromise the quality of our work.
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Learning with Growth Mindset

We constantly learn and improve ourselves without a predefined boundary on who we are. We may not know everything from Day 1, but we believe that if we learn smart, we become smart fast. We never fear to take risks and fail as long as we can learn from such experiences.
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Readiness for Deep Dive

Although we can gain valuable insights from high-level perspectives and elegant thought experiments, we acknowledge that there is no truth except in the details. Whenever the occasion calls for it, we drive off-road and get our hands dirty. No task is beneath us.
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Ownership and Accountability

Everyone at Gauss Labs is an independent decision maker. No one knows our own problems and projects better than each of us. Supervisors and peers can give advice, but ultimately each of us takes the initiative, action, and responsibility.
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Team Spirit

We achieve something that each of us cannot imagine ever achieving alone. We are confident that we can perform our herculean tasks as a team while complementing each other. We earn mutual trust by our current deeds as team members, not by individual past track records.
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Open Discussion and Communication

We express our diverse opinions vigorously and clearly. While we respect one another for their capability, experience, and good intention, we are not afraid of disagreeing on paths leading to our goal. We extract the most out of each interaction by challenging one another and communicate the derived conclusion with simplicity and clarity.

Our Team

CEO, Member of BoD

Mike (Young-Han)

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Mike is a leading expert in data science and AI, well respected in both academia and industry through his stellar contributions over the past two decades. He founded Gauss Labs to materialize the intersection of right theory and right practice through right team in industrial AI. Mike holds a PhD degree in electrical engineering from Stanford and is an 11th generation academic descendent of Carl Friedrich Gauss.
VP, Head of PMO


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Moosung is an expert in semiconductor process development and integration in the R&D and high-volume manufacturing environment. Before joining Gauss Labs, Moosung worked for Intel and SK hynix, managing machine learning projects related to process control, equipment management, and yield improvement. He holds a PhD degree in mechanical engineering from UC Berkeley.
VP, Head of Technology


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Brendon is an accomplished professional in machine learning, computer vision, and computer graphics. In leadership roles managing cross-functional teams across multiple locations, he has successfully developed complex enterprise software from the edge to the cloud in an agile development environment. At Intel and Samsung Electronics, he led R&D projects to develop scalable AI products and set up product roadmaps to accelerate AI and HPC.
Director, Head of SWAP


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Abhimanyu is leading the effort to build scalable AI infrastructure at Gauss Labs. He previously co-founded and grew a machine learning start-up to 70 FTE’s and $20M+ in funding (Skytree, acquired by Infosys). He is experienced in delivering complex enterprise software, leading R&D, product management, building teams, and working with C-level executives.
Director , Head of  People & Culture


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Jungkyu is a people expert with 18 years of consulting and corporate experience in the field of global human capital strategy, job architecture, talent management, total rewards, and culture design. Before joining Gauss Labs, Jungkyu created and implemented global human capital strategies and programs for Samsung Electronics’ 300,000 employees across 10 regions to achieve fairness and consistency in global HR management. She also headed Kakao Corporation’s people & culture function and worked with Mercer to help clients succeed in business through people.